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donaldI have lived an interesting life so far, melding both “left-brain” and “right-brain” interests and vocations.  My father was a chemist, instilling in me an interest in knowledge and analysis.  Instead of following him into the hard sciences, I earned a BA and a MA in Psychology.  I saw that those studies helped me to better understand myself and others around me.

While working towards a Doctorate degree, I found a job as an Instructor at a Radio Shack Computer Store back in the early 1980’s when Personal Computers (PCs) were just starting to be developed.  This job was perfect for me, allowing me to learn something technical then help people learn and overcome their fears about computers.  Helping people with their computers quickly became much more fulfilling than continuing graduate school.

After moving back to Houston so our son could be closer to his grandparents, I continued my career in computers by working in corporations such as American General Life Insurance Company, American Capital Management and Research, and The ForeFront Group.

In 1997 I decided to start my own company — Clerc Computer Consulting Corporation (CCCC).  We specialize in helping people with their computer issues in three markets: small businesses, home businesses and home computer users.  Our main emphasis is on Customer Service and on-site support, where we can see how people use their computers and can suggest ways that they can be more efficient, productive and happy.

CCCC was one of Houston’s Fastest Growing Private Companies in 2002.  We have also received one of The Better Business Bureau’s Awards for Excellence, and the Greater Southwest Houston Chamber of Commerce “Over The Top” Customer Service Award.  We continue to enjoy helping people throughout the Greater Houston area.

In 2011, I was doing some research on the Internet and found The ManKind Project (  Their mission is “building and supporting the emotionally mature, accountable, and compassionate male role models that our communities need.”  After attending their New Warrior Training Adventure and continuing to volunteer within the organization, I saw that their Elder Program sparked an interest in me as strong as my interest in computers.  Their Elder Council Mission Statement is “To awaken and nurture intentional eldering by teaching and mentoring.”  I became a Declared Elder in 2012.

It is my personal mission to take that ManKind Project Elder Energy and spread it throughout the country and the world.

My wife Glenda and I have three beautiful children aged 29 to 21, one grand-daughter, and a second grandchild on the way.


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