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Have you wondered how your wisdom and experience can improve the world as a whole?  Have you thought “How can I make other people’s lives easier?”

People enjoying the second half of their lives face two related problems:

  • How can we effectively transmit our wisdom to others?
  • How can we guide younger people to appreciate our wisdom and energy?

This site is a resource for people to learn how to develop and utilize the wonderful Elder Energy that is in everyone from the age of 50 or so.

This is not a site that talks about how to care for the elderly or how to protect the elderly.  We are here to celebrate the wisdom of Elders, learn how to encourage Elders to share their gifts with others, and learn how to encourage younger people to take advantage of that great Elder Energy.

I am 57, a father, grandfather, and have owned my own business for the last 16 years.  So I have “been around the block a few times” and have that Elder Energy.  I have a BA and a MA in Psychology, so I can recognize and help develop that Elder Energy in others.  And I recognize that all of you also have knowledge and experiences that can help develop that Elder Energy in yourself and others.  The About page has more information on my background.

The benefits of developing this Elder Energy in yourself and others can be tremendous:

  • Younger people want to be around and learn from Elders who demonstrate positive Energy and can communicate their wisdom effectively to others.
  • Elders can feel validated that their experiences and wisdom can be of benefit to others and not just for themselves.

My offer to you is that I will start and develop this process that will help you, me and the world.  Your input will be invaluable to guide this process.

Below is a list of initial topics that will be developed in this site:

  • What is Elder Energy?  What is unique about Elder Energy?
  • Why does the world need more Elder Energy?
  • How can Elders develop their Elder Energy?
  • Where and how can Elders share and utilize their Elder Energy?
  • How can we help others to see the benefits of all that great Elder Energy?

My guarantee to you is that the more you put into developing your Elder Energy, the better you will feel about yourself and others.

There aren’t many other sites like this that help you to develop Elder Energy in yourself and others.  If you find them, please let me know.

Welcome aboard, and I look forward to helping you to help me to help you to change the world!  Warning: This Energy is addicting (in the most positive sense.)